Saturday, March 6, 2010

selected animal drawings and sketches 2006 - 2009 has arrived

I nearly forgot to post about the arrival of my second book made through Blurb - Selected Animal Drawings and Sketches 2006 - 2009. Once again, I'm very pleased with the quality of this one, in both paperback and hardcover. The images turned out vivid and crisp and the colors were very accurate. I may try doing a photo book for my third Blurb venture. I'm enjoying the process of looking through some past work, and selecting and compiling it all into books. This one is considerably larger than my first Splotch Monster book, and I think my second book of Splotch Monsters will be done using this size as well, now that I've scanned them into larger jpeg files. Anyhow, if you like animals and animal art, you might be interested in obtaining your own physical copy of this book HERE.