Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wagon christ: "shadows"

When I first began blogging, I used to post up an occasional music video that I liked. For a while I even had a sidebar feature I called "music video greats" but kept having problems with that feature. So, I thought I'd bring back the vids as part of a weekly post, with a little background info for good measure.

The first music video is an original animated piece, and one of my all time favorites to view and listen to. It's a track entitled "Shadows", by Wagon Christ (aka Luke Vibert). Many times I find videos aren't necessary as far as accompanying music, and in many cases, detract from the actual track or song. This is not the case here, and unlike a lot of animated/cartoon-based music vids, this was crafted specifically for "Shadows". Vibert, who came up alongside some of the prominent British electronic music artists from the nineties, including Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Mike Paradinas (Mu-ziq) took a more laid-back, downtempo, even humorous approach to his production style. Analog synths, hip-hop beats and curious, kitschy samples from old records are all staples of Vibert's style. "Shadows" is a sunny, breezy Springtime tune from the 2004 Wagon Christ LP "Sorry I Make You Lush" (Ninja Tune).