Thursday, May 6, 2010

freescha: "smurf shoe"

From Freescha's Last FM page: "Freescha is simply the recorded effort to uncover the sounds that reminds us that there are still things and places such as coast lines and hills, and moments not yet tampered by the dull excess of a music industry and it’s incessant marketing psychosis."

There's slight irony in this statement since they produced a track from Britney Spear's last LP, causing a small rumble of outrage from fans, but hey, I say if you can make some easy money by means of dabbling in vapid pop, then why not? This only ensures more excellent Freescha music will be made in the long run. This video in particular is for the California duo's "Smurf Shoe" track - one of the funkiest Freescha tracks to date. Freescha's earlier output has a slow, bittersweet, Boards of Canada-like sound, but here the group start to take a new turn with their music, only hinted at in their earlier material. There's a light-hearted yet sublime feel to both the music and the video and I'm not sure if this one was official or fan-made (looks to be professionally done, despite the goofy get-ups) . Stay tuned for a new Freescha LP to finally drop later this year on Attacknine.