Friday, May 28, 2010

gescom: "cicada"

So I decided to post more about some of my favorite music here at Go Flying Turtle!. I know that You Tube has plenty of good tunes for folks to sample, so I'll simply be reposting some here probably on a weekly basis. Lately I've been playing early Gescom tracks on my way to and from work. This track in particular, entitled Cicada was released on the first Gescom EP in 1994. I first heard it on college radio - even taped most of it on cassette. It was one of the most beautiful, mysterious and futuristic pieces of music I've ever heard, and I had no idea who made it. Thanks to a friend, I now have it on CD. What I love about this track is it's patient evolution - the way it slowly develops. At about 4:10 Cicada breaks down some, and if you listen close, you can hear what sounds like some samples of the very insect this track is named after. The slow, pulsing bass/beat, the ethereal human voices and the synth strings are some of the elements that make this track irresistibly sublime. A good set of headphones or speakers helps when listening to Cicada. Gescom consists of Autechre members Sean Booth and Rob Brown, as well as various other contributing collaborators from the UK electronic music scene.