Thursday, May 13, 2010

hexstatic: "perfect bird"

I've always loved the highly acclaimed UK audio/video duo Hexstatic's work ever since I first witnessed their collaborations with Ninja Tune labelmates Coldcut as the Hex collective. Back in the late nineties, when MTV was still (barely) cool and played some actual music videos, I'd religiously record their weekly, half-hour late night slot dedicated to electronica known as AMP, where I first discovered Hextatic. Hexstatic have always dabbled in environmentally-themed material, and are most known for their powerfully moving track/video with Coldcut entitled Timber. Unlike "Timber", this version of "Perfect Bird" (there are a couple) isn't so much a slap in the face but rather a delightfully bizarre and humorous ode to some amazing winged beings who continue to rapidly lose their homes due to greed and corruption. Currently Hexstatic are touring in support of their new "Trailer Trax" release, which includes a track called "Gammera" - a fine, bass-heavy tribute to everyone's favorite giant flying turtle from outer space.