Thursday, May 27, 2010

mouse on mars: "twift shoeblade"

German electronic music duo Mouse On Mars have been actively cultivating their brand of rich, sometimes quirky, mostly instrumental soundscapes since the early nineties. Mouse On Mars, much like their peers - great duos like Plaid, Autechre, and Orbital, are about as important and influential as you can get. Unlike their peers however, Mouse On Mars don't shy away from their use (or some might say abuse) of more rock-centric instrumentation, especially in a live setting. I was fortunate to have seen Mouse On Mars play live a couple of times in the past decade, especially since long-time collaborator Dodo NKishi was on board. I think Mouse On Mars have always succeeded most as a trio, in a live setting, with Dodo's dynamic drumming adding a highly engaging, even entertaining element to their performances. The song performed here, "Twift Shoeblade" could be considered a M.O.M. classic, found on their excellent, prog-rock-inspired Autoditacker release. This performance captures the essence of a Mouse On Mars concert - controlled chaos from a couple (or trio) of mad sound-scientists culling extraordinary musical organisms from their machines. My favorite part of this performance is about halfway through the song, where it sounds as if it's about to fall apart completely, then falls right back into place again at around 4:05. I look forward to a new release from the band this year and hopefully an American tour.