Tuesday, May 4, 2010

shout outs

Finally it's May and something good is brewing in the air. I thought I'd feature some current creative inspiration here at Go Flying Turtle!, so check it out.

First off, my buddy Matt Dembicki just dropped the Trickster Anthology - a project he's been trying to get together for quite a while now. Here you will find some great collaborations with Native American storytellers and comic book artists who vividly bring to life Trickster tales passed down for generations. I've seen advance copies of this book and it's a beauty.

In other book-related news, my pals Eric and Dave (aka the Journal Fodder Junkies) finally have their book out and at a store near you. Entitled The Journal Junkies Workshop, this book will inspire everyone from seasoned art pros to everyday folks itching to simply get a little more creative again. Eric just sent me a copy and it's looking awesome.

Finally, a big thanks goes out to Kim at KSK Jewelry Designs , who chose my black vulture print to be featured in the Vulture Saves the World Etsy treasury. It's an honor to have the print included with so many top notch vulture-based works, and it's good to see vultures get the respect they deserve.