Wednesday, July 14, 2010

jake mandell: "the prince and the palm"

Jake Mandell has been a respected name in the electronic music community for almost two decades now, producing numerous albums on labels like Carpark, where you'll find this fine track, featured on his 2001 LP, Love Songs for Machines. For a while we didn't hear much from Mandell, who recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and is currently a resident in Radiology at the Harvard affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital. Despite all this, Jake Mandell MD has not stopped making top notch instrumental electronica. His recently released "Scales of Magnification" was seven years in the making and according to his website "features arrays of biological melodies that collide with alien rhythms, and microedits dancing elegantly with the macro-scale". Nice! As for the video, artist and animator Hendrik Niefeld used simple, expressive lines and shapes and synchronized them to the music creating a perfect audio-visual synesthesia.