Tuesday, July 13, 2010

opus III: "it's a fine day"

Last week I posted up Orbital's classic track, "Halcyon". Some of the beauty heard in that track can be attributed to the creative sampling of Opus III singer, Kirsty Hawkshaw's vocals from their song, "It's a Fine Day", from 1992. I remember first hearing this song during the summer of that same year, and from then on, I think of summertime when it plays. It's pop music at it's best, with elements of techno and house, and unlike most of the popular dance music of today, there's a deep, beautiful, and optimistic sound throughout. I know there's a pretty bad trance version of this song out now, which makes me wonder why someone would remake a tune if they can't make it better, or at least do it well. Oh well, music, like art is always subject to personal tastes and opinion.