Saturday, July 24, 2010

things i love about akron, ohio (pt. 2): square records

Anytime I visit a new place, I make sure I look out for any good record stores to check out in the area. I was happy to find an Exchange in Akron - a small chain who sells a good variety of CDs for very good prices, and one I'm familiar with from my hometown Pittsburgh, PA. Unfortunately, The Exchange (formerly The Record Exchange) has been focusing a lot on the sell and trade of video games and gaming equipment - something I have zero interest in even remotely. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find a top notch shop in the Highland Square area of Akron called Square Records. While Kris was out visiting her crafter friends, I ventured out to this tiny shop with a big selection of both used and new vinyl and Compact Disc recordings. They also had a decent selection of zines and magazines, and all their merchandise focused almost exclusively on underground and independent music, thankfully. As they state on their webpage, "no, we don't have the new Carrie Underwood album", and ask that you leave your New Kids On the Block CDs at home, or better yet thow 'em away. What they do have is a good selection of current and classic electronic music, indie rock, hip hop, jazz, new wave and punk. They also have the brand new Devo LP, and with Akron being former home to the underdog legends, it would certainly be a crime if they didn't. The staff are real nice too, and despite the "indie snob" attitude you would normally expect from a store like this, they were quite the opposite in person. So, if you're in the Akron area and looking for some quality tunes, don't pass up Square Records. I know I'll be there again next time, hopefully with a little more $ in my pocket!