Sunday, July 25, 2010

things i love about akron, ohio (pt. 3): vegiterranean

Thankfully, a friend Kris knew from her craft meet tipped us off to what is now my all time favorite restaurant, Vegiterranean. I'm glad Kris told her friend we were vegetarian when asked what her food preferences were, because we may not have found this wonderful place. Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde opened this vegan restaurant in the newer Northside Lofts section of Akron. While the place is very popular and reservations are recommended, we ended up going on their least busiest day, Monday. Before customers began to roll in, Kris and I wondered around with our new Cannon Elphs and took a ton of photos. I loved the decor and design of Vegiterranean - very modern yet cozy, hosting a coffee house, bar, gorgeous outdoor patio with a fire pit and a garden where fresh ingredients and vegetables were grown. The food was beyond words, from the side dishes to the main course, to the dessert - absolutely delicious. The drinks were some of the best we ever had as well. We could have stayed there forever, with the weather conditions on our side and a picture perfect sky above us. Our waiter Skip was one of the coolest, most pleasant waiters we've ever met. If only we had a place like this here in Leesburg, VA, where the local culture seems perpetually stuck in the past and most restaurants in the area focus on meat, meat and more meat. The good thing is, we know we'll have this beautiful place to eat on our next visit to Akron, Ohio. Who knew Akron could be so with it? I know we have Chrissie to thank, as well as the top notch chefs who made our food so delicious. Vegiterranean = excellent food, excellent environment, excellent service and excellent prices. Check it out!