Wednesday, September 22, 2010

bochum welt: "robotic operating buddy" & "greenwich"

"epic, filmic moments which pause with confidence and are sonically fantastic" Future Music

"gloriously melodic lo-fi ditties that you wonder if you'll ever tire of them. Cool" Muziq

"mid-pace electronica. Rephlex bounce back!" New Musical Express

"plastic noises, custom built sounds, unique breakbeats. Regardless of who produced it, it is great" Mixmag

"melodic sense and sensibilities are absolutely impeccable... Something quite sublime" Wire

"the power to create some masterful moments" Dazed & Confused

"electronic beauty, simplicity and complexity in equal measure. Up there with Aphex and the very best" EQ

Above are some of the accolades attributed to the wonderous electronic music of Gianluigi Di Costanzo, aka Bochum Welt. As with many a great electronica producer, Costanzo got his first break on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label in the early nineties, releasing what some consider his most memorable, classic material. "Greenwich", the track featured below, is one of those releases - a song evoking early eighties electro, well fit for a session of pops, locks & headspins, while romantic "A Broken Frame" era Depeche Mode-esque melodies provide a purple-sky horizon backdrop to a proper cardboard floor throwdown. Above is a video for a reworked classic, retitled "Robotic Operating Buddy" for the double disc album of the same name (Rephlex, 2008), compiling many of Bochum Welt's rare, classic material, as well as some excellent newer stuff. The video is credited to Justin Morgan, who has made a handful of other very good, very surreal videos for some very similar artists. While information is vague about the vid producer, it's most likely the same Justin Morgan who makes some severely underrated, seriously good electronic music as "Rusuden". I am pretty sure this is actual promotional footage from some wild and zany children's toy, taken from a time when the future was still bright, shiny and optimistic, expertly edited to Bochum's music.