Sunday, September 5, 2010

finally, my own web page!

So, I finally have my very own web page, thanks to Kris and her ace design skills. It's clean and simple and is divided into categories such as "art", "bio", "contact", and "blog", while there are sub-categories (which all fall under the "art" part) such as "mixed-media", "splotch monsters", "sketches", "photos", and "creative diversions". I decided to limit the images to no more than fifteen in each sub-category, focusing on what I believe to be my best work. I thought that ten was too trite while twenty was too much. The great thing is, I can change and update these through Flickr, which feeds the images in these categories. I figured it was due time to have a web site and get a little more "serious" about featuring some of my art. Honestly, I'm not the most aggressive person when it comes to pushing my art, or anything for that matter, and I always feel very silly for even talking about myself. Still, it can't hurt to put myself out there a little bit. A recent source of inspiration for this was a great post I found on a blog I follow called "Rowdy Kittens". It included a cool quote by Gary Lew saying " This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.". Those words really resonated with me, and I can go on for eons about this quote and topic, but I don't want to get too far off the point of this post, which is the website. Speaking of, you can find my actual site at It still needs a little work, but for now it's just fine.