Saturday, September 4, 2010

leesburg first friday: king street coffee sneak peek/art show

After a long day/week of setting up the classroom and meeting/greeting parents and students yesterday afternoon, I just wanted to come home and sleep. The heat wasn't helping. Still, it was Leesburg's First Friday and I have some art hanging at the new King Street Coffee house (formerly The Coffee Bean). Kris was real tired from working all day too, but was looking forward to getting out a little and being a part of the "sneak peek". The shop's new owner, Kimberly also designated her as the official photographer last night (these cruddy pics were taken on my camera, mostly by me). We got there at around seven and there was a good, steady stream of people stopping by and passing through. While the main event was the new coffee house, it was good to see people checking out some of my art, asking good questions and getting some sincere, positive feedback. It was fun explaining the process to folks, some of whom thought the pieces were etchings. As for the coffee, it was quite possibly the best-tasting coffee I've ever had, and that's no easy feat, with Shoes down the street, as well as a few others nearby. From what I gathered, it's locally roasted and arrived there fresh from Winchester, VA that morning. I thought Kris and I would be awake all night but we ended up walking around town a little, saw our friends who run/show at the Galleries of King Street, where they featured some great live music and free wine tastings. After thanking Kimberly for the excellent evening and the opportunity to show some work, we stopped by our favorite little Thai restaurant (Thai Pan) where we got some dinner and hung out with our friend Luk, who runs the place. Despite being so tired, it was good to get out again on a First Friday, see some art, try some great coffee and wine and see some faces we haven't seen in a while. As for my artwork at King Street Coffee, Kimberly said I could keep it hanging up through the end of October, which made me think of possibly getting some kind of artist reception organized for October's First Friday, since I barely had a chance to spread the word this week. She's also getting more hanging hooks, which were hard to come by, so I'll probably have a few more pieces hanging than the seven already up (six originals and one large print). I don't think she'll be opposed to that at all. It's great to see a place - a coffee house in town that also features the work of artists on their walls. You won't find that at a Starbucks, or any other chain, and even the more independent run places around here weren't as artist-friendly as we would have liked. Most good towns have that. It's about time Leesburg finally got one as well!