Tuesday, March 29, 2011

glasser: "apply" & "treasury of we"

OK, don't tell my wife, but I've got a mad crush on this Glasser gal, real name Cameron Mesirow. Seriously, how could I not? She has a marvelous voice, she makes wicked experimental electronic music that's somehow catchy and pop, yet makes the brain dance too. Plus, she's got it goin' on, in that cool, ethereal artsy girl style.  Oh, and she's American (for once!).  If I would have heard her debut album "Ring" in 2010, it would have easily made my top ten list, possibly knocking out the School of Seven Bells LP, which her sound is somewhat comparable too. There are also traces of Cocteau Twins and Morgan Kibby's  vocals on M83's "Saturday's = Youth". In the meantime, there's a real good review of the album HERE, if you want the lowdown broke down.