Friday, March 4, 2011

proswell: "jupiter"

It always makes me happy to hear people making beautiful music, like that of Proswell's, real name Joe Misra. Seriously, so many people are into so much forgettable crap, either still listening to Lady Gaga (next!), boy bands disguised as deep, cool dude rockers (yaaaaaawn), or even worse, Eminem (played out punk, Sage Francis can still rap rings around his sour little puss). Sorry to get on a bit of a negative tip, but it can be disheartening sometimes. Proswell's "Bruxist Frog" was one of my top albums from a few years back, and the track "Jupiter" is one of the best songs on that album. Just listen when it gets to about 2:17. If that don't make your heart swell, you might just wanna get that ticker checked. Joe was going through an extremely difficult time during the recording of what would be the very last release on the now defunct, always awesome Merck Recordings label. It's baffling, yet makes perfect sense to hear sounds so gorgeous produced from such a troubled state of mind. Fortunately, Proswell's still making and releasing music, though it might be a challenge to eclipse tracks like the one featured above. Long live Proswell!