Tuesday, March 22, 2011

screen vinyl image: "fever" & "cathode ray"

I've been in the mood for some Screen Vinyl Image lately, probably because it was around this time, a couple of years ago when I first saw and heard this DC band play live. It was the first time I heard them at all really, and I became an instant fan. It's really hard to pinpoint what type of rock they play, though it's far more moving, and interesting than what's on the radio. I, personally would classify them as "post-punk", kind of along the lines of early Killing Joke or Public Image Ltd. Then there's a touch of Goth going on - real (good) goth rock, like the sound of Bauhaus or Clan of Xymox. Throw in a dash of shoegaze for good measure, and you've got something close. Their full length album "Interceptors" was excellent, from beginning to end, and really should be big right now, if all was right in the world. But we know how that goes. Anyhow, good news is SVI have got a new single and are touring again. They'll be at Galaxy Hut in DC on April 4, which is on a Monday unfortunately. Who knows, you might see me there despite it being a Monday night, after all the crazy work I've been doing this past month in the name of furthering my education. I could use a good show - it's been a while. In the meantime, enjoy these two vids featuring songs from their Interceptors album, including my favorite, "Cathode Ray", which needs to be listened to with the volume cranked high.