Tuesday, July 12, 2011

nuts & bolts art show at the franklin park arts center, purcellville, va

Yesterday I drove out to the Franklin Park Arts Center to see the current "Nuts & Bolts" art exhibit, which started just a couple of days ago and has been extended up through late September. The show was based on material from the local, historic Nichols Hardware store in Purcellville, Virginia. All participating artists received a bag of "nuts & bolts" from the store, the contents of which had to be used in some way in their piece. You could either use all, some or at least one piece of hardware from the bag. Both Kris and I participated in the exhibit, in a sort of collaborative sense. I created a sculpture using clay molds and liquid plaster, while she used her photo skills to take a picture of it in it's imaginary environment. I won't tell you which ones are ours, but I can say, all of the work in the show was fantastic. I got quite a few pictures, as you can see, however, you really have to be there to see it all in such a great, unique setting. Word has it that the show has been extended for a few extra weeks because the center will be screening the recently completed documentary film about Nichols Hardware store in late September. Nichols has a rich history and an interesting story, and the artwork will be a perfect visual compliment to the screening of the film in a couple of months. Kris and I won't be able to make the reception, but we'll certainly be at the screening. Hope you can make it too if you're in the area. In the meantime, I'll be taking a break from the internet and blogging for a couple of weeks, so I'll see you then!