Saturday, November 19, 2011

free live casino versus japan downloads from attacknine

Featured above and below are two live sets from Mr. Eric Kowalski, aka Casino Versus Japan, courtesy of Attacknine Recordings.  One is from the beautiful Beachland Ballroom in Ohio, where I was fortunate to catch Mira Calix and Plaid live about a decade ago, while the other was from NYC, both performed and recorded in 2010. After a very long hiatus, CVJ briefly resurfaced last year with a reissue of his very first record, as well as the very sublime, ambient "Night On Tape" compilation. The two performances featured here are from his brief tour, and both are more on the ambient end of the CVJ spectrum, though he certainly brings the beats, reminiscent of his Go Hawaii and Whole Numbers Play the Basics albums. Both performances are the audio equivalent of thick, dense layers of fog giving way to monolithic Asian mountain ranges. Both also fit on one CD, which I'm currently enjoying on my system in all its audible glory. To get both, simply fill in your e-mail and you'll instantly have access to download. I've been a subscriber to Attacknine for a while now, and they don't bug you much, I promise (not that I would mind).  In the meantime, let's hope for that new CVJ album they've been promising for release this year, if not sometime next year at least.