Saturday, January 21, 2012

pantha du prince: "stick to my side", "bohemian forest", and "behind the stars"

Last night we finally got some frosty winter weather action here in Northern Virginia, leaving the wife and I pretty much stranded in our warm, humble abode. It was the first time since last October that some snow actually stuck to the ground, and we had a good dose of ice this time as well. Not that I like this kind of weather, because usually by now I'm pretty sick of it, but in this rare case it's been the warmest and mildest winter that I can remember. What does this have to do with this post? Well, about this time last year, with all the snow and frigid temps from late 2010 and early 2011, I had nearly played out one of my favorite CDs from 2010 to death, and the music was the perfect soundtrack for such a season. Now that it's cold and frosty outside again, I'm thinking about this album again, whose music returns to my memory banks. Enter "Black Noise" by electronic musician Hendrik Weber, known to listeners as Pantha Du Prince. Posted above is the official video for the track "Stick To My Side", which features the vocals of Panda Bear, from Animal Collective. The song took some time to grow on me, as did the mysterious "Behind the Stars", another one with some vocals, however both have become personal favorites. Another highlight is "Bohemian Forest", which I think embodies what this album is about more than any other track. There's an incredibly fascinating story behind this music, as well as the deceptively beautiful and serene artwork featured on the album's cover, which you can learn more about by listening here (if you don't already own it) as well as by checking out the short but excellent mini-documentary at the very bottom of this post.