Saturday, January 14, 2012

passengers: "always forever now", "united colors" and "beach sequence"

Not so long ago I posted about a couple of recently completed paintings, one of which was titled "Always Forever Now". While that painting was a very personal piece, the title was very much influenced by a song from the U2/Brian Eno "Passengers" project, notably a song with that very same title (see/hear above). Not only did the title seem fitting to me, but so did the song itself, which I could imagine as the perfect audio backdrop to the painting. A little while ago I posted about Passengers and the song "Miss Sarajevo", the album's single and perhaps finest track, shortly after Luciano Pavorotti, who sang on that song, died. In short, the album was released during an extremely fertile creative period for U2, who were immersed in electronic and more experimental musics at the time. Ambient music godfather and longtime U2 producer Eno played a more prominent role for this album of "night music", as Bono described it. For me, Passengers had always been a favorite of mine from U2, a band I deeply respect for too many reasons to write about, however most fans and critics weren't ready. Seventeen years have passed since the album was released, and it sounds better than ever and is even more relevant today. Included in this post are a few of my favorites from the album. Absolutely essential deep listening for any serious U2 fan or electronic music head. Enjoy.