Friday, January 6, 2012

terror train: "tonight", "beatbox beat" & "creepy crawly"

Recently I featured some tracks from one of my favorite electronic music-making duos, Freescha. Though the group has been taking a while to get that new full-length out, the solo project Terror Train might satisfy fans for the time being. According to the Attacknine site, "Terror Train is Nick Huntington, 1/2 of the electronic duo Freescha. Inspired by his love for disco balls, sci-fi and horror films, "Terror Train" is 10 tracks of galactic horror boogie, ambient disco, and teenage tears." I bought the CD based on listening to some samples online and instantly liking what I heard. There is definitely that foggy, wobbly, filtered sound that Freescha have perfected, but with a more immediate, dance-floor-friendly approach. At first I was kind of disappointed to find the disc ran just barely over a half-an-hour long, but with repeated listens (and this has been on repeat a whole lot this past week), the short, ten-track running time works incredibly well. There are some great guest vocals on some of the songs which serve as a fine compliment to the music, however it's some of the more sublime (sorry to use that word so much), instrumental tracks like "Tears" and "Creepy Crawly" that have grown on me the most. Surprisingly, this has become one of my favorite releases from 2011, and I can't stop listening to it! In the meantime, there are only 250 copies of this CD made, making it somewhat of a collectors item. I love how Attacknine puts some real care and effort into the total package, with regards to their releases, and hope they continue down this road. Enjoy the tunes and grab yourself up a copy of this release while they last!