Sunday, February 19, 2012

dance dance dance dance dance to the radio

I was very fortunate to have grown up on a steady diet of classic Sesame Street as a kid. Fortunately, so was my wife Kris, who had the reruns playing in Trinidad as a child. In fact, she's an unabashed expert of sorts, and can tell you the name of every character, sing any song lyrics and remember any skit. Above is one of the many fantastic "martians" skits from the show, in particular, the one where they discover earthling radio. Kris found it for me and had me laughing hysterically yesterday. I can't believe I forgot this one! I could go on gushing forever about how good early Sesame Street was, but I won't. I will say that Joy Division and Kraftwerk (see below) would be very proud of the martians. Anyway, just watch and enjoy.