Friday, February 24, 2012

tortoise: "in a thimble", the sea and cake: "window lights", tortoise: "salt the skies" (live)

I recently rediscovered a CD I bought several years ago at a used record shop in DC, mostly made up of instrumental compositions by Tortoise band member and multi-instrumentalist, John McEntire. It was released through Hefty Records for a film I've yet to see called "Reach the Rock". I've been in a Tortoise mood a lot lately, so I thought I'd give this album a few closer listens. It's funny how things take a while to sink in sometimes, when it comes to things like music, and I regret not noticing how good this album was in the first place. The stand out track for me of course was the LP opener "In a Thimble", which lately has become one of my favorite songs by Tortoise. I can't get enough of it lately, maybe because it reminds me a lot of the arrival of warmer weather and the coming of Springtime, which is right around the corner now. Another stand out is a song by the band's longtime labelmates Sea and Cake, called "Window Lights", who, like Tortoise, have most of their discography available through Chicago's Thrill Jockey Records. I was lucky to have found both of these samples available, recently uploaded on You Tube. I also featured some great video footage of Tortoise playing live in someone's living room, performing the song "Salt The Skies", from the excellent rarities, b-sides and remixes Tortoise box set "A Lazarus Taxon". Recently, the band have reissued arguably their best album "Standards" on vinyl, in the meantime.