Sunday, March 25, 2012

keep shelly in athens: "cremonia memories", "hauntin' me", "running out of you", "a tear in my i" & "in love with dusk"

Last summer I posted some tracks from the Greek duo "Keep Shelly in Athens", after hearing their music on Last FM. I was blown away at this relatively obscure band, now finally getting some more attention stateside as they're beginning to embark on their second, bigger tour of the U.S. in a little over a week. The track above, "Cremonia Memories" was a personal favorite last summer, and it'll most likely wear out the speakers again this summer. So far they haven't released a proper full-length L.P. though all of their earlier vinyl E.P.s, released on the Forest Family label have pretty much sold out. While I prefer the more lo-fi sound of their earlier material, they just put out a great E.P. on none other than Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu label called Campus Martius.  I could imagine the band more at home on the 4AD label, however musical lines continue to blur, especially in the world of electronic music, and it would be nice to see Mike P. put out their first official album on Mu. Whatever the case, I hope one is finally released soon (in CD format please!). Anyhow, don't hesitate to check out their music as well as catch them live when they pass through the states soon. They added two more musicians to the live set up, so don't be surprised if you're a long time fan and are wondering what happened to the duo and their more electronic sound. Still, it's going to be a good show and I've got my DC tickets for their late April stop at DC9. More dates are listed below!