Thursday, March 22, 2012

sense: "heading take 1" & "icyltap"

I first learned of the music of Australian electronic musician Sense, real name Adam Raisbeck, back when I was buying a lot of Merck music compilations several years ago. While he never released an album of his own on that label, I remember his compilation tracks always being a highlight in the mix. The track/video featured below, titled "icyltap" is a good representation of his more laid back, beat-laden sound, never short on emotion. Above is a track from a very limited CD release I just bought from the Psychonavigation label out of Dublin, Ireland called "Selected Moments Volume 1", and I've been enjoying it thoroughly, especially after a long, exhausting week of work. Early fans might not like the near total absence of beats on this album, but Sense more than makes up for it in layers of warm atmosphere, made to allow the mind to wander and spirit breathe. This may sound a bit New-Agey for some, but if you enjoy classic ambient stuff like Eno, then this should be right up your alley. Adam explained in an interview how these tracks are all personal reflections on life, and I personally find this album to be an ideal remedy for an overstimulated world. Here's hoping for a volume two soon.