Sunday, April 1, 2012

I've been supporting WSPA for a few years now and I love what this organization does for animals. Below is a little video I thought I'd share which briefly discusses the benefits of free range farming for both animals and humans alike. It's very unfortunate that too many big business restaurant chains are still in the stone age about these incredibly important matters, and to a greater extent, the people who continue to regularly support them, and the politicians who do nothing about farming conditions. There is hope however, in the form of the Pawprint campaign.  From WSPA:

The industrial farming of billions of animals every year has detrimental effects – it causes pollution and loss of biodiversity, fails to empower the poor and even threatens human health. It’s a very high price for us all to pay, animal and human alike, for our food.

But there’s good news. There’s a better way.

Every day, welfare-friendly and sustainable farms around the world are proving that raising animals in better conditions brings a host of surprising benefits to people and the planet. Meet some of the best cared-for farm animals and discover the surprising benefits of animal-friendly farming.

What animal-friendly farming can do for our world might surprise you...