Sunday, April 15, 2012

squarepusher: "dark steering" & "energy wizard"(live)

Squarepusher fans rejoice! Mr. Tom Jenkinson is back, in full-on pusher-mode, this time as some type of LED cybernaut from the furthest reaches of the galaxy. After Jenkinson's somewhat disappointing venture into electro-pop cheese whiz under the Shobaleader One alias (there were a couple of good tracks), it's good to see him hungry again, as are his fans for that awesome abstract beat science he's known for. Not that I don't respect Squarepusher, or any artist for that matter, trying out different creative paths now and then, since it's vital to move forward, and while the tracks I've heard from the upcoming Squarepusher album "Ufabulum" have a fresh, new sound, it's classic Squarepusher - a winning blend of mad beat patterns, early rave acid squelch, brightly-hued synth work, deep, heavy bass, and an occasional dash of noise/distortion for good measure. It's interesting to see how Jenkinson's musical output has evolved with time, as more organic, bass-guitar-driven stuff takes turns with his more synthetic style, many times meeting halfway, while sometimes throwing a complete curve ball at listeners. Featured here are two tracks from the new "Ufabulum" LP, now available for pre-order in several formats at BLEEP. The one above is the official video for "Dark Steering" from Warp records, while the bottom is some live footage from a fan, featuring a portion of the excellent sounding "Energy Wizard". The official release date for Ufabulum is May 14, 2012.