Saturday, April 21, 2012

windy & carl: "a dream of blue" & live in austin, tx, 2009

Last night I was listening to one of my favorite drone rock bands, a magnificent husband and wife duo known as Windy & Carl, while quietly getting some work done. The Dearborn Heights, Michigan duo are one of the most prolific and longest-lasting bands in a genre that hovers somewhere between the realms of post-rock and ambient electronica, and I was extremely fortunate to catch them live in Pittsburgh, PA, at the Rex Theater (with opening band Paik!) over a decade ago. This was far from your typical concert event with whooping and screaming fans. Instead, their music was all-enveloping and unfolding slowly like massive cloud formations in the sky, silently inviting those in attendance to a lucid, almost out-of-body-like listening experience. The song above is the title track from my favorite Windy & Carl release called "A Dream of Blue" from 1999 on Ochre records. Below is a brief and rare live capture of the duo, playing in an unusually well-lit setting from a few years back in Austin, Texas. This year, they put out a brand new LP on the Kranky label called "We Will Always Be", which I look forward to picking up soon.