Sunday, May 13, 2012

maria minerva: "ruff trade", "lovecool", & "once upon"

Lately I've been thoroughly enjoying the music of young electronic bedroom producer Maria Minerva, especially her Cabaret Cixous album, released in 2011 on the Not Not Fun label. There's an extremely "lo-fi", even retro element to her leftfield pop productions, which might take some getting used to at first. Listening to Cabaret Cixous initially gave me the same reaction as when I first heard Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti  material. At first you think, maybe this person could use a loan perhaps, and get into a good studio? But that would be defeating the purpose of this very human-sounding electronic music, which when given a chance, becomes highly addictive. Of course with music like this, there are some haters and skeptics who completely miss the point, but that's their loss, 'cause this girl knows exactly what she's doing, and she knows her music well, without a shadow of a doubt. Minerva's sound is refreshing in a world brimming over the top with extremely generic-sounding, overly slick studio productions, and it's so good to see more and more women making artful, yet accessible music (minus the acoustic guitars, thankfully). The songs here are all from the Cabaret Cixous album, including the beautiful, hypnotic "once upon" instrumental. In addition to Minerva, I've written about Grimes, who came from a more lo-fi, electronic music background and has since expanded her sound, as well as her fan-base big time. In the meantime, I'll be covering more women making amazing electronic sounds soon here, something that is becoming less and less of a rarity, so stay tuned.