Thursday, May 24, 2012

moog on!

Man, I wish I would have seen this earlier, but I'm kind of glad I didn't or I'd have wasted much of my evening away on it.  To my pleasant surprise, Google celebrated Robert Moog, creator of the legendary Moog synthesizer, by having the "Moog Doodle" as their header yesterday. Yesterday would have been his 78th birthday. Mr. Moog passed away several years ago, but his memory and great legacy lives on in the music he's had such a huge influence on.  Above, I posted a quick little song I made before bed on the "Doodle", which you can hear at the link. It's nothing great but I like it, and (thankfully) you could only record for about a minute.  To read more about the Doodle and Moog's legacy, check out this great post, featuring some classic songs utilizing the Moog keyboard. Rest in peace Bob Moog!