Friday, May 25, 2012

nite jewel: "in the dark", "let's go the two of us together" (live), & "one second of love"

After listening to and later buying Nite Jewel's two full-length albums (to date), I now know why esteemed music sites like were making such a big stink back when her first release "Good Evening" dropped in 2009. Good Evening was a synth-heavy, lo-fi production, DIY to the core and more honest-sounding (though some would say ironic) than most stuff being released at the time. Citing Autechre (surprisingly) as a major musical influence, though much more akin to the late seventies/early eighties electronic pop sounds of Gary Numan, Soft Cell and Suicide, many of Nite Jewel's (real name Ramona Gonzalez) music videos are works of art as well, sometimes employing a sense of humor and irony lost on viewers far too quick to judge, as seen (sadly) in the comments accompanying shorts such as "Artificial Intelligence" which all too obviously pokes fun at vapid "hipsterdom" in the music and fashion industry. While "Good Evening" gets better with each listen, her second release "One Second of Love" from 2012, which includes the beautifully sung "In The Dark" (above) has a far more polished and immediate sound. The title track for that album is better than anything playing on pop radio by a mile, and the video, with the goofy, funky goat guy and great dance choreography, featuring Ramona and band members, is both hilarious and truly bizarre. Try staying still to this one, I dare you. I also included a favorite from her first one called "Let's Go the Two of Us Together", performed live with a band, who sound pretty darn good. Now if only I could find a way to magically transport myself to LA on June first to hear her perform my all-time favorite Kraftwerk album, 1981's "Computer World" live in its entirety! Who said girls don't know/make good music?!