Monday, June 11, 2012

laurel halo: "aquifer", "airsick", pitchfork interview/live performance

I don't know or own much music by Laurel Halo, but thanks to a longtime Flickr friend and fellow artist with similar musical tastes, I found out about her and have grown to like her work.  She's a mystery of sorts, and part of the new breed and ever-growing movement of insanely good women electronic musicians. I do know that she's originally from Michigan, and some of her earlier, more instrumental material, which I prefer over her newer, more vocal-oriented sound, has a sort of Detroit techno feel. In fact, the song "Aquifer", featured above, sounds like it could have been a new Derrick May track, if he was still making music instead of DJing. Her new 2012 album "Quarantine"on Hyperdub is a pretty impressive long player, and while her singing might still need some work, she does a fine job merging a mostly raw vocal delivery with an intricate labyrinth of vivid electronic instrumentation.  Enjoy the tunes!