Saturday, July 28, 2012

floating face 10 & limbo, the organized mind

Here are just a couple examples of Jim Henson's genius. Above is a classic Sesame Street clip I loved as a kid, though it always gave me the chills a little, which was it's appeal I think. Known as "Floating Face 10", the application of electronic sounds and music, synchronized to the brilliant, psychedelic visuals and cool cat voice made this one of his most visionary concepts in a seemingly endless array of amazing, original clips from the early seventies. Below is basically the same concept, presented on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, a few years later in 1974, only with a much deeper twist, aimed at adults. At the very end it's revealed briefly somewhat how this skit was made, and you can't help but to wonder what Johnny was thinking after this aired on his program. Enjoy!