Thursday, July 26, 2012

mrs. jynx: "swiftlings (remix of mark swift)", "red over green", & "martian"

Just got back from a wonderful trip to a wonderful place with my wife, which I'll post more about as soon as I can. In the meantime, it's back to another music post, this one featuring Mrs. Jynx. I can't quite remember the first time I heard the music of Mrs. Jynx, real name Hanna Davidson, who is an electronic musician from Manchester, England. I think it was when I was checking out the Planet Mu roster a couple of years ago, wondering who was new on Mike Paradinas' (Mu-ziq) excellent record label.  Listening to her music struck a chord in me reminiscent of the first time I heard the sounds of Aphex Twin and Mu-ziq years ago, especially their more lush, melodic tracks, and it made me wonder why I haven't heard any of her work earlier! Needless to say, I believe Mrs. Jynx is perhaps one of the best, and most authentic electronic music-makers out there today, period. Not too concerned with the latest subgenre, her sound, without sounding too corny, comes straight from the heart, though many times it sounds like it might have been channelled by forces unknown to most mere mortals. Here are a few choice tracks from Mrs. Jynx, including her astoundingly good remix of Mark Swift's "Swiftlings" (above), which I played out last autumn during a DJ set, my jaw on the floor at how good this song sounds on some big, juicy speakers. The video is equally sublime. Below is the gorgeous "Red Over Green" from her 2010 "Shark Carousel" LP, as well as the powerful track simply titled "Martian" from her split EP with Oxynucid called "Symbiotix" from 2009. In the meantime, she's got a new EP out called "Atlanta", and hopefully a new full length on Planet Mu is in the making as well. Enjoy the tunes/vids!