Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the verve: "rather be", "judas", & "love is noise"

I'm not sure what's up lately, but I've been hearing The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" playing everywhere I go - at the mall, Walgreens, the grocery store. Whatever the reason, I've been experiencing something of a Verve revival as of late, listening to all my Verve CDs again, and once again realizing what a truly awesome rock band Richard Ashcroft and co. are, or should I say were, since, after nearly a decade hiatus, the band reformed and released their fourth and final album, "Forth" in 2008, only to call it quits once again. Sadly, I'm ashamed to say I never bought the album, and only listened to it after taking it out of the library a couple of years ago. For some reason, it never really hit he until I borrowed it again a couple of weeks ago.  Was I completely deaf upon first hearing?!? Who knows. Now it's on my list as my next CD purchase, after just buying their singles compilation on disc as well last week. While I love and prefer the early, smoky shoegaze sound of the first Verve recordings, "Forth" takes off where the band's amazing breakthrough album, "Urban Hymns" ended, continuing the more polished, cleaner produced sound heard on songs like "Lucky Man" and "Bittersweet Symphony". Still, as with all Verve releases, there's still a good dose of that dreamy, lucid guitar sound throughout, though it's just not as prominent. Included here are a few of my favorite songs from "Forth", and I'm glad I rediscovered such a fine album by one of the great rock bands of my time. Can we at least get one more from these guys in the near future? I'm thinking that's about as likely as a Smiths or New Order reunion, but one can only hope.