Friday, September 14, 2012

tycho: "melanine", "dictaphone's lament", & "a walk" (interview and live in london, 2011)

I couldn't be more psyched about seeing and hearing the music of Tycho a week from today in DC. Scott Hansen is the main man behind the project, which has now turned into a full touring band. I followed Tycho back when he was signed to Merck records and had released the excellent downtempo masterpiece Past is Prologue in 2006. Now part of the Ghostly International roster, he's released his second album Dive, and has come into his own sound even more, quite possibly with the album of the year. As an acclaimed graphic artist known as ISO50, Hansen's instrumental electronic music has a very visual element, as if each song accompanies a moment in time, or a short movie. Despite the laid back, dreamlike west coast vibe in Tycho's sound, this is by no means passive background sound, and you can hear the love and energy put into each and every track on all of his albums.  Do not miss Tycho's Fall tour as he'll be visiting along with another great band The Album Leaf, who I had the pleasure of seeing live about six years ago, and they too will not disappoint. Featured here are some of my favorites from Tycho, including the track "Melanine" from Dive, which defies words and is accompanied by a perfect fan-made video. The other is  "Dictaphone's Lament" from Past is Prologue, accompanied by the official video, and finally some nice new live footage from London, with some interview clips and snippets from the song "A Walk". Enjoy.