Monday, May 6, 2013

b.o.c. are back

Last week I got the news of a new Boards of Canada (see HERE) album to be released in the states next month. For fans like myself, this is huge. We haven't seen or heard anything from the (formerly) Scottish duo of analogue knob twiddling brothers for over eight years, and most folks lost hope of anything new to surface ever again. BOC are one of those groups who will go down in electronic music history, whose sound influenced many, but could never be imitated.  As a personal tribute, I compiled ten of my favorite songs from the duo, in chronological order of release (from top to bottom), with the eleventh track/vid taken from the new album titled "Tomorrow's Harvest", which has something of a post-apocalyptic feel to it. Interesting. Some of these fan-made vids are quite good too, though listening to Boards of Canada with the lights turned off and headphones plugged in is always the best way to go. Now if only Richard D. James put out an Aphex album this year. One can dream. Enjoy the tunes.