Sunday, May 19, 2013

christmas lights, freescha, and night sequels

Today I found an e-mail from Attacknine Records in my spam folder, from a couple of days ago. I usually never check my spam folder anymore before pressing delete, but thankfully I did this time around! They announced a new vinyl reissue of Freescha's first album from 2001, "Kids Fill the Floor", as well as some out take tracks by one half of the duo, Nick Huntington, released on vinyl under the alias "Christmas Lights". Having almost blown my music budget for the month, I opted for the Christmas Lights release on vinyl (see above) , with digital download included. What a real surprise of an album, reminding me of just how amazing anything Freescha-related is, even if it clocks in at only about a half an hour. If you like Boards of Canada (or Freescha, for that matter!), you'll love this one. I know the Boards reference is an obvious and perhaps lazy one, but there is definitely a similarity in sound, though something entirely different and unique going on as well. Upon checking the website, I also watched the video for a mysterious new musical project under the name Night Sequels, and again, was floored at how good the music is (sounding suspiciously like another Freescha-related side project). Maybe next month I'll grab up a copy of the Kids reissue, if any are still left. In the meantime, looking forward to more from Night Sequels. Happy listening!