Saturday, May 18, 2013


Who is that adorable little girl in the picture? That would be my wife Kris at the age of two, posing with her play phone. Now she's all grown up, as adorable as ever, and her job, ironically involves talking on the phone for a good portion of the day, something she's far better at than me. The photo was taken by Kris' mother, in her home country of Trinidad. Her mother recently mailed us a bunch of wonderful old photos from Kris' childhood, which I have plans of compiling and making a book from this summer. Who knew that over two decades later, that little girl would marry some artist guy in Northern Virginia? Yesterday marked our four-year wedding anniversary, which is hard to believe since it seems like only yesterday we exchanged our vows! 

I feel like the luckiest guy on Earth to have married Kris, and 2013 has been a good year for the both of us, with lots of positive change happening. Kris finally got her green card the other day, after four years here in the states and a somewhat stressful fourteen-month wait. We thought it would never arrive but I did remain hopeful.  She's really enjoying her work and has gotten very successful at it, while making time for creative endeavors like painting, knitting, and most recently, growing plants.  For myself, I finally paid off every last penny of credit card debt. It was a struggle since I moved here to America's wealthiest county from Pittsburgh, to work as an art teacher. I remember my car dying on me my third day out here, something I had just paid off and hoped to have for a few more years. From there on, I had to increasingly rely on my credit card for things, and having to buy new wheels, computers, get married and travel to visit relatives made it difficult to pay it all off, not to mention a longtime salary freeze and increasing rent costs that were already very high by most of the nation's standards. Still, that's life and it could have been a lot worse. But now, things are on the upswing and I owe so much of it to Kris, who has had such a positive impact on my life and on all of those who have gotten to know her.

I'm a very lucky man.