Friday, September 13, 2013

garbage man: ace

The other night I was searching the internet for some new sounds, checking out a few sites I haven't dropped by in a while. One of them happened to be the site for the label Grimes first started out on, a Canadian record label called Arbutus.  I remember downloading Grimes' first album for free a few years ago and couldn't believe something so good was FREE. Well, Arbutus has another winner released by the mysterious "Garbage Man", a collection of sweeping electronic instrumentals called "ACE", which can be found (again, for free!) HERE. I don't claim to know much at all about the artist but I found some info at the AD HOC music site (credited to Josh Abramavici) stating this:

"Montreal native, Garbage Man, reveals another EP with the premiere of the spacey single, "Underground." With four-on-the-floor booms dropping in and out amongst minimalist synth decor, the 4-minute, 20-second track is far from garbage. To further the minimalist context, the EP, titled ACE, was said to have been composed throughout a 2-week contemplative session in a NY hotel lobby, of which Garbage Man was not staying. We can only guess which one it might be."

I'm reminded of some of Gillian Gilbert's synth passages from some of New Order's best material (she was always the underrated heart of the band I believe), as well as some of Carl Craig and Derrik May's soulful, futuristic listening techno. The warm, lo-fi-ish production also brings to mind Aphex Twin's "Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92" tracks. Download and find a good system and listen for yourself, while it's still available for free!  Here's to hoping for more from Mr. Garbage Man.