Thursday, June 14, 2018

june splotch monsters!

Got some new Splotch Monster art over at the Splotch Monster blog . There’s more of a rule and less of a theme this month - all splotches must touch at least two sides, or edges of the paper. There’s some vague symbolism going on as well, but it’s all mostly up to how the viewer interprets it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

rascal (for dixie)

Here's a gift I made, done in a similar vein as the Endangered Kingdom series, though this fella and his kin are far from endangered. I made it as a dedication to a wonderful kindergarten teacher named Dixie, who is finally retiring after 33 years in the profession. I had the pleasure of working with Dixie during all seventeen years of my professional teaching career, starting a new school with her in Northern Virginia in 2001. One of the props she uses often while teaching her young students, is a little raccoon hand-puppet named Rascal. Rascal has become such a common staple with Dixie's teaching, the two almost seem inseparable. It will be bittersweet to see her go, leaving a big gap in our faculty team, and even bigger shoes to fill, but her retirement is well deserved, to say the least. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"rear view mirror" exhibit, opening reception at tryst gallery, leesburg, june 1st, 2018

The great part about being married to someone who works at a local art gallery, is getting a sneak peek at all the work submitted for the next exhibit. Myself, and many other artists from the northern Virginia region will have work in the show, as well! Mark your calendars for Friday, June 1st, for the opening reception of Rear View Mirror, as well as Kim Richards’ solo show, at Tryst Gallery, Leesburg! 

Monday, May 7, 2018

new splotch monsters for may!

I'm so glad my wife Kris agreed to collaborate with me all through the month of May, adding her watercolor flowers to my Splotch Monsters! Check out the Splotch Monster blog to see some of the process.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

happy earth day 2018!

So much of my art work is inspired by nature and my natural surroundings, and through my work, I try to understand this world we call Earth, in some small way. Such was the case with the Endangered Kingdom series, as well as the one that proceeded it, called Thirty-six Views of Trees I've Known, inspired by Hokusai's thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji series, as well as by an archive of tree photos I had taken over the past decade or so. 

I recall talking to a gentleman at the "Love Nature, Too" artist reception at North Gate Vineyard, a couple of weeks ago about having a mutual appreciation for "gnarly knotted branches and tree stumps". The gentleman, who with his wife and daughter took some of my wife Kris' watercolor classes, runs a national park, and naturally had a love and affinity for the land, but said that since he had taken some art classes recently, his appreciation for nature grew even more so than before. We had a spirited discussion about how drawing and painting, especially from observation, actually heightens your visual perception, and as a direct result makes one more attuned to their surroundings and their world. In the near future, Kris and I are going to try and figure out some ways to incorporate our work with the park he runs - something we're very much looking forward to. What made the day even more special was that his daughter purchased a couple of the signed giclee prints from the series (pictured above), which I was able to wrap up and deliver to her mother over the weekend. 

It was great to hear how this family decided to make more time in their life for art, whether that involved the creation of it, or the appreciation of it - life becomes all the more richer, and the world in which we live is far less taken for granted. On that note, please take some time out to care for the Earth - this unique and precious sphere we live on in a vast and mysterious universe - a planet we are absolutely, completely, one-hundred percent connected to and dependent on in every possible way, yet so sadly disconnected to in so many ways. Make Earth Day every day, and if you're in the Purcellville, Virginia area, stop by North Gate Vineyard, Virginia's greenest winery, to have a glass of wine and to see the show, which will be up through early July, 2018. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

"love nature, too" artist reception thank you

Kris and I want to thank everyone who came out on Sunday to say hello and show their support for our work, and to North Gate Vineyard for having us back for a second round! We had such a good time talking with friends, we didn’t get a chance to get any photos except for before the reception. The show will continue through June, so if you’re in the Purcellville, Virginia area, stop in, have a look and try some of their award-winning wine. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

some "thirty-six trees" install sneak peek shots

Looking forward to the artist reception at North Gate Vineyard, for Kris and I tomorrow, Sunday from 3-5pm. I only shared some of what I hung from the Hokusai-inspired “Thirty-six Trees” series, though there will only be 35, since I gave one away as a gift to a couple celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary the day we were hanging our work. They were so kind and funny, and would occasionally lend us their eye and advice during the install process. Kris has plenty of beautiful works at the vineyard as well, but you’ll have to be there to see them, so hope you can make it!