Saturday, March 6, 2021

Ascending 26 - 30

The Ascending series continues, this time along a slightly different path. For each one of these I chose two images from the Microscape series of miniature abstract acrylic paintings and merged the images in Procreate. I then selected a photograph of clouds and added one to each image, as well. I manipulated each image in the “glitch” option in Procreate, but only just slightly. I found out that if I went past a certain point, it began to degrade the image instead of enhance it. Finally I did some necessary color touch-ups in the photo app on the iPad. 


Friday, March 5, 2021


Recently, my friend, fellow artist and former colleague Diane Dennis tagged me on FB with the prompt: “Show one image of my art, my life, my studio, or exhibition for 10 consecutive days. The purpose is to promote positivity, passion, and attention to art.” At first I was going to simply post a piece of art I made, each day. As I scrolled through the thousands of photos myself and my wife Kris took over the years, it started to dawn on me that I had a lot to share, and made me realize that I had accomplished a lot over time, and have led a relatively rich life so far. As a result, this prompt, which on the surface might appear to be a vain exercise in narcissism and self-indulgence, was instead a deep dive in self-reflection, something I’ve been doing a lot of during the past year, already. There was a time, not so long ago, when I didn’t make much art at all, and could not have imagined my work in exhibits, solo shows, selling to collectors, or even calling myself an artist, for that matter. In my younger adult life I worked in retail, fast food, custodial services, a tool factory, and substitute taught, until I was eventually employed as a full-time professional art teacher in the public schools nearly two decades ago. While grateful to have this job, it can be all-consuming, both mentally and physically. For those who think teachers don’t work hard, I offer them a day to step in our shoes. There’s a good chance they’d change their minds. That said, it took years to build an artistic practice, and carving out small increments of time here and there to get to where I currently am. Being an artist is a journey with many peaks and valleys, and I don’t believe in finally “making it”. The things that happen overnight usually burn out as quickly as they caught on fire. Life itself, and the examination of that life is the ultimate inspiration, and there will be dry spells along with times of great productivity. The key is to be curious, stay engaged, and allow for times of rest and reflection, as well as for failure. 


Monday, March 1, 2021

Kris Loya Art

 Love seeing what Kris is up to, whether she’s making art for fun or for something that will end up on her webpage

Monday, February 1, 2021

DMV4AU in glitch mode

Watercolor and archival pen on paper, glitched in Procreate. In early 2020 I created a handful of drawings/paintings of Australian wildlife threatened by the out-of-control fires that ravaged large swathes of the continent’s wilderness, in late 2019. I even collaborated with some excellent experimental musicians from the DMV area, to have them interpret one of the animals through music, whose work was to be a part of a compilation to help raise money for Australian wildlife organizations. Unfortunately, by the time the project was near completion, the Pandemic hit, deeming the project seemingly irrelevant. The reason I say “seemingly” is because the truth is, making any attempt to help wildlife on any part of the planet is never a lost cause, especially on a continent whose unique biodiversity is declining at a more rapid pace than anywhere else in the world. So, COVID be damned, the compilation will be released in some form later this year, be it in physical format, digital or both. In the meantime I went back and reworked the drawings in Procreate on my iPad, using the “glitch” function. In many ways, the glitchy manipulation of the imagery lends itself to the music, but also creates a visual context of the animals existing in a modern, human-dominated, non-natural world, extremely prone and vulnerable to natural (and not-so-natural) disasters. The “glitching” of the images themselves weren’t just a matter of pushing a button on a fancy app, but instead a very carefully controlled chaos, with lots of thought and consideration put into the placement and composition of things. Looking forward to posting more from the series soon!