Thursday, December 31, 2009

sketch dump 12/2009

At the threat of being "so 2009", I thought I'd get my December sketch dump up at the 'ol bloggey before the big ball drops. It's been a good month for drawing and a better year for art for me. I got some work out there, got into some juried exhibits and some commissions as well as sold some work. This year I want to paint more and draw more, and bigger. There's a charm to smaller art but it would be great to see some of my ideas, even previous ones on a larger scale. This month I did drawings/paintings in a large A4 watercolor Moleskine, again, as part of one of the exchanges I belong to. Those large books are excellent and are one of the reasons why I'd like to work bigger soon. The drawings above are a small series I call "Fashion Victims". The lone abstract works as just that - not really a drawing but also intended to be drawn on as part of the collaborative aspect of the sketchbook exchange. Click HERE if you'd like to see what exchange member Mary Stebbins Taitt did with it - it's really extraordinary stuff! Below are a bunch of older Splotch Monster postcards I had sitting around. While my original intent was to meddle with their appearance as little as possible, and while some turned out quite successfully that way I felt a good many of them seemed kind of half-baked and needed far more detail and life. I like them a lot better now and found it to be an even greater challenge to add more to 'em. In the meantime, here's to a happy and fruitful 2010, which I'm sure will be full of many more challenges both big and small. It's all in how we decide to face those challenges, right?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

some parting shots from the '09

Ok, one more post before the New Year arrives! I just wanted to share some shots, mostly taken from my apartment complex, from the big winter storm we just had. Here in Northern Virginia, this kind of thing is a big deal, and to my wife, who hails from warm, sunny, snowless Trinidad, this was quite alien. For myself however, being an ex-Pittsburgher and former Edinboro University of Pennsylvania student, it was just another December day.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Uh oh, Sophie is hungry again and getting real mad. Quick, you better throw some food down her hatch or she's gonna throw a fit!

*Splotch Monster 205, used for the Illustration Friday topic, "hatch", 12/2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

sketch dump: 11/2009

Not a whole lot to show from November, with some of the traveling and running around here and there. Kris and I had a nice time visiting family in Pittsburgh, but it all went by far too quickly. I'm hoping and planning on staying out there a lot longer around Christmas, with all there is to see and do. Pittsburgh is a marvelous city with so many unique places and hidden treasures. Anyhow, I've been working on some collage/drawing pages as part of the Moleskine exchange started by Big A. I've also been working on some other art-related things that I'll post up here later in the month. In the meantime, what is up with Blogger these days? I'll get comments on my blog that won't even register numerically on the blog. Weird. I know Blogger has been having issues with posts at various blogs getting a huge amount of comments, but when I have something like eleven and it only shows four on the blog, that's pretty strange. Oh well, at least I've got the luxury to complain about an issue so petty and insignificant.