Sunday, July 26, 2009

tortoise live at the black cat, washington, dc, 7/19/2009

One week ago I went to see one of my all time favorite bands, Tortoise, play live at the Black Cat. This was the second time I saw them there, and the fourth time seeing them live. Their instrumental brand of jazz-meets-rock-meets-electronica has influenced a million other bands over the past decade and a half, and with their new album, "Beacons of Ancestorship", their sound is still vital as ever. On such a beautiful evening, seeing and hearing these guys again live was the icing on the cake.

I have to admit, I still have yet to pick up their new cd, mainly because I thought it would be interesting to hear their new material live beforehand. This is something I've never tried before with Tortoise. While their last release was excellent, their new songs seem to have a faster, more upbeat feel to them. After a highly energetic performance and a double encore, the band certainly gave fans their money's worth. One of my favorite things about their live shows is how the five members often change instruments throughout the show, keeping things far from stagnant.

Sometimes when I write about music, I try not to alienate those who might not be too familiar with the sounds (this really isn't intended to be a music blog). With that in mind, I highly reccomend checking out these guys if they come to your town, even if you've never heard of them, and grab up a cd while you're at it. In addition to some fantastic music, the band is very aware of a good visual aesthetic, so you'll be holding some wonderful artwork in your hands to compliment the music.