Saturday, September 19, 2009

abstract art in dc

Last week Kris and I ventured into DC to see a craft fair, take some photos and drop by my friend and colleague Brian Kirk's art show "Rusticity" at the Studio Gallery. It was good to see Brian's rust monoprints in a gallery setting, since I had only seen a hint of some of these a couple of years ago when he was first experimenting with them in his studio. It's also a new and different direction for my friend, who normally works with larger, metal and steel sculpture pieces (some can be seen here as well). The Studio Gallery was an excellent space and featured some works from some other artists throughout the upper and lower floors. My photos from Brian's show didn't turn out so well, but you can get a hint of what the show was like by seeing some of the pics below. I also took some more abstract photos, pictured above, on the way to the gallery,which is something I'd like to try more often. In the meantime, Brian's show runs until the end of next week, so see it in person if you're in the area!