Tuesday, September 1, 2009

eric carle show in dc

Thanks to an article in the Washington Post last Sunday, I was able to catch the final day of the Eric Carle art exhibit last Monday. If I had not read that paper, I'd have no idea the show even existed. This worked out well too, since I was in DC for an art teacher field trip on Monday. I ended up hightailing it to the metro ,on our lunch break, to the Stanford in Washington Gallery - a gallery I've never even heard of until now, and it was well worth the run. As an art teacher who works with mostly elementary level kids, I'm certainly familiar with Mr. Carle's books and illustrations. I've always seen his work as more than just nice pictures in a book, and I remember how amazed I was when I saw the man in action in his studio, in a short film about him, and thinking how cool it would be to be this guy. He seemed to exude this sense of peace and calm and enlightenment even, completely happy with his work and life. Seeing his work in person - his lithographs, sketchbooks, collages and sculptures, all exhibited in a gallery setting, further justified Carle's work as art, and it raised some questions in my mind as to what is considered art, who decides these things and how there can be a fine line between art and illustration, and the possibility of someone's work existing as both. More than anything however, Eric Carle's work was simply a joy to see. I posted some more pics from the show in my Flickr stream as well, if anyone is interested.