Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sketch dump : september, 2009

I know I say this every time I post these sketch dumps, but where did the time go? By tomorrow, October - my favorite month of the year (leaves changing color, cooler weather, my b-day, awesome concert coming up)will be here. It seems like yesterday I posted the August dump, proclaiming to do more observational drawing. Well, unless I live on a planet in a galaxy far far away, inhabited by wiggly-armed, psychedelic-colored creepies, hardly anything posted here comes close to observational. In October, however, that will change, since I'm already getting set up for a project that will require drawing from animal studies - can't wait to begin! In the meantime, enjoy the remaining splotch monsters which finally took me to two-hundred. One of them here was heavily reworked and turned into an actual postcard. Four of the drawings here were made as part of Big A's Moleskine Exchange, already going on its second round! They were done in a new, large A4 watercolor 'skine, which I loved working in.