Tuesday, September 22, 2009

splotch monsters, ooooooh noooooo !

Yeah, my original goal was to have 200 done by the end of August, but then reality kicked in. So much for lofty ambitions. Another ten and I'll be there. I guess I've been into adding more detail (as opposed to the minimalist approach with the first 100). In the meantime, I'm still wondering about what format I'll do the next 100 in. The first group were post cards, the second were Artist Trading Cards. I think the next 100 will be super-detailed, maximalist "works", in a larger scale. Who knows.

Also, check out the latest incarnation of one of my "splotch forms" by none other than the amazing Andrea Martinez below.

More splotch forms, as well as monsters can be seen at my Flickr site. In the meantime, happy Autumn!