Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10/25/2009 (pt 2)

I'm loving my (somewhat) new camera. It has a good zoom and takes excellent outdoor shots. It's not so good indoors however, but far better that my previous camera. Unlike with my indoor photos, I've done hardly any digital altering whatsoever, and lately have been gravitating towards a more natural looking format. I've also been cropping images far less, relying mostly on my eye, just like back in the olden days.

In the meantime, I'm really appreciating seeing these photos tonight, since the rain and gray weather has once again returned and many of the leaves on the trees in these pics have now fallen to the ground. The top four photos are from the trail once again, while the bottom six showcase the variety of trees surrounding my apartment complex. It's cool seeing my wife Kris get so excited about the sights of Autumn in Northern VA, taking some great shots of her own lately. With her coming from warm and sunny Trinidad, I'm happy to see her embrace her new home and enjoy the good things this area has to offer. As for myself, I never tire from seeing the Fall foliage, and like Kris, it's seems as if I've witnessed them for the very first time.