Saturday, November 14, 2009

deastro live at dc9, 11/12/2009

Last Thursday night I made it out to DC to see Deastro perform live at DC9. It was cold, damp and rainy out and normally I would have been tempted to rest my burning feet and dying voice in the cozy comfort of home, but this was Deastro for crying out loud! Real name Randolph Chabot, Deastro, hailing from Detroit, MI, has been on tour, opening for Max Tundra, the latter of whom I unfortunately had to miss or I'd have missed the Metro ride home.

I first "discovered" the amazing music of Deastro earlier in the year while sorting through the bins of my favorite local cd shop. The cover art immediately jumped out at me, with its wild, cosmic collage landscape. Of course the title of his latest (and second) album, "Moondagger" drew me in as well, and the fact that it was on the highly respected American electronic music label, Ghostly International. What started out as a near overlooked curiosity turned out to be one of my all-time favorite albums. Unfortunately, Chabot wasn't able to perform much of the material from Moondagger - a dense, epic long-player recorded with a full band, who happened to bail on him three weeks ago due to lack of funds. However, despite the stripped down live set, which included a friend of Chabot's on bass and keys, Deastro soldiered on and delivered an energized, spirited performance, showcasing earlier tracks from his first album, "Keepers", as well as a sampling of some truly stellar new songs. Occasionally, in between songs, Chabot would tell bad jokes or make small talk with the audience, to everyone's bemused enjoyment.

I got a chance to talk briefly with Chabot after his set, and learned that there will already be another new album out soon in the new year, and he already has a new band lined up. This is exciting news indeed and it looks as if this young musical genius is on a roll with no end in site. Be sure to catch Deastro in a city near you as he tours the US on through the new year, and be sure to shake the young man's hand as well. In the meantime, I'll be reviewing his album Moondagger later this year as part of my top ten favorite music releases from 2009.